Hi, I’m Kristina Yeouze. I am an introverted and adventurous spirit who has traveled extensively, loves the arts, and dream of one day owning a therapeutic horse ranch nestled in the Rocky Mountains. I started my occupational training as an actress and eventually became a Master's level Marriage and Family Therapist. I met and married the love of my life, David, and I have an 8 1/2 year old daughter Sofia (a pretty awesome, spirited red-head), 2 pound puppies, a very noisy, but lovable cat, and a sweet, playful kitten who can fetch. After Sofia was born I couldn't bear the thought of going back to work as a therapist and it it just didn't make sense (financially or emotionally), but I still longed to help people on a preventative level. It was at that point my husband - wise man -suggested I take a good, hard look at the Shaklee compensation plan. I loved what I saw about Shaklee's business plan and it was such an easy transition to go from helping people as a therapist to helping people as a wellness educator. Since beginning my company, Pomme Wellness, in August of 2011, I have built a team of dynamic leaders, given myself 3 promotions, earned an all-expense paid trip to the San Fransisco Bay area AND a luxury cruise through the Southern Caribbean, a car bonus towards the car of my choice, and many other recognitions and awards. 

We have also enjoyed our own health transformations with Shaklee supplements as supplemental support to our goals including weight loss, muscle building, recovery from Lyme's disease, thyroid support, adrenal support, allergy and immune system support, and many others. We are well aware of the positive effects of smart supplementation and are dedicated to empowering other people tin their health transformations. 



- Dr. Forrest Shaklee